Slide Show – Find Your Next Real Estate Investment

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Podcast RTRE ep 155 – Finding Your Next Investment Property

Listen as Barry discussing how to find your next investment property. What makes the difference between those who look and those who buy.

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Show Notes Episode 155 – Finding Your Next Investment Property

Finding your next investment property. What makes the difference between those who look and those who find.

Property SearchListen to Barry this morning as he discusses what it’ll take to make you successful in real estate investing.

Tune in to AM1380 at 10am or listen online at

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Real Estate Market Update for Placer & Sacramento CA September 25, 2014

Let’s Talk About Real Estate in Sacramento County

real estate growthAs I’ve told you guys before Sacramento County runs about 2/3 the size of Placer County as far as houses and things like that. About 3,450 homes are on the market right now. That is a big increase guys. It really is. If you go back over a 15-month period, you’ll see that’s a 70% increase in the number of homes that are on the market. A 70% increase, that’s huge! If you go back over three years, you’ll see it’s even larger. This is a big issue that we’ve been through this before. If you punch back, you’ll see that the inventory was up this high before and then it dropped to nothing where you had no homes in the market every month. The amount of homes that are selling was equaling the amount of homes that are on the market. And then now it’s back up there again.   We expect to see that cycles in real estate. We’re coming back into another cycle.

What does that mean for average price per square foot? What does it mean for days on market? Well, right now as you would expect the days on market is climbing up a little bit from three months ago for 35 days on market to 37 days on market to 39 days on market. It’s taking a little bit longer to sell the houses. We expect to see here, we expect to see it climbing so there’s nothing to be alarmed about. But if you’ve got a home in the market and you’re trying to sell it quick, that’s something you better consider. You’re going to have to price yourself aggressively to get that done.

However, we’re not seeing a big drop in prices. We’re holding steady across the board, maybe even rising a little bit, 173, 174, 176 – those are prices per square foot. That is a cost because the inventory that is out there, you know you’re sitting a little bit less in a two and a half month supply, 2.6 months in Sacramento. So, you’re still seeing some tough sells as far as low inventory on the lower end. The lower price range is still holding tight on its inventory. The upper price range probably has a little more flexibility on the price.

That’s that. The spread is pretty tight between asking and getting. When you’re looking at asking and getting spread over the last couple of years, you’re going to see it’s really about as tight as its been in a long time. People are asking on average $368,000 and they’re getting on average $304,000. I know that is a big spread but there a lot of unrealistic sellers out there. I hate to tell you. There are some sellers out there who are just, I don’t know man, what are you thinking? I don’t know about that. Anyway, there are some unrealistic sellers out there and you guys need to get a little closer to where that asking price is 304 versus 368.

Alright, that’s our Sacramento market 2.6 homes a month worth of inventory on the horizon. What do we mean by that? We mean if all the homes sold out, every homes sold out and no new homes came on the market, then we would take 2.6 a month to sell it and that has been down as low as under a month. Typically, we like to see that at six months so it’s still a tight inventory.

In Placer County, 1,466 homes on the market really hasn’t risen much since last month. We’re kind of seeing that that’s just staying at that area. We don’t see much increase in that. The number of homes pending, about the same. Number of homes sold has dropped a little bit. 492 homes sold in the last month in Placer County. Average price per square foot 195, 197 dropped down for some unknown reason. 191 and 196 back up.

You know when you see that drop in there, sometimes it’s just statistics. You could have a lot of lower priced home sale or a lot of higher priced home sales and it will drop that. What you look for is the trend. You look for a trend. Did it go from 195 down to 191 and stayed there or did it go and move back and forth? That’s what we kind of what we want to see. We want to see those trend lines that are going on. We’re at 196 per square foot.

The interesting thing to me is that it’s not really much different. Usually you see a bigger spread between Sacramento and Placer County. We really don’t see that big of a spread between the two.

Days in market in Placer county – 44, 47. It was at 36. So we’re seeing a vast increase in Placer County. What this is reflective of the higher homes are taking longer to sell. So in the last three months, notice that we went from 36 days on market to 44 days on market to 47 days on market. And the big issue there, the reason is that these houses are a lot more expensive. These are higher priced homes. Instead of 368, the asking price on these is 565. 436 is the getting price. This is a big deal, big difference. You got to pay attention. If you’re out there in Placer County your homes are taking much longer to sell and it’s climbing rapidly. We’ve got the slow buying season coming up here so you need to be aware of that. Big difference there.

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Video: True Value Report – How Much Is My Home Worth?

Check out this video to learn a free way to have a real person give you an accurate estimate on your home.

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RTRE ep 154 Realizing Your Future With Real Estate

Barry V MathisJoin Barry Mathis today as he covers the rule of 72 and this month’s WealthBuilders Investor Network.

Get the show notes here

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Show Notes Episode 154 – Realize Your Future

Real Talk on Real Estate Radio Show Notes for September 20th, 2014

Todays show will be about your future and how to make that future what you want it to be
You can listen online at or as always on KTKZ AM1380 The Answer if you are in the Sacramento and Surrounding areas. You may also subscribe on itunes at

Barry will be talking about the law of 72. Check out the infographic on the law of 72

Here’s a short presentation on the Rule of 72

Barry will also be discussing this months WealthBuilders Investment Network Meetup event. It’s on the fourth Wednesday of every month from at 6:15pm PT. This month will be at BP Realty located at 1382 Blue Oaks Blvd, Suite 100, Roseville, CA.

Never been to the Meetup group for the WealthBuilders Investor Network? Check out the slideshow below to see last month’s onsite house flip presentation. It was a blast!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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Video: Where there’s a WILL there’s a way. But, having a TRUST is the best way.

What’s The Difference Between A Will And A Trust?

Attorney Mark Umeda and Barry Mathis discuss the fees and guidelines for wills and trusts.

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If You Don’t Decide The Government Will Do It For You – Probate

Attorney Mark Umeda and Barry Mathis discuss what happens if you don’t create an estate plan before it’s too late.

Here is a transcription from a clip of Real Talk on Real Estate episode 153 on probate

Last Will and testament document to prevent probateBarry: Hey Mark, is Sammy Hagar someday going to have to use your services or the services of someone like you?

Mark: At some point, everybody has to plan ahead and use the services of an estate claim attorney.

Barry: So he probably does have an Estate Plan? So this is something that everyone has to do.

Mark: I wouldn’t presume to believe that he has or doesn’t have a plan. Sometimes the people who think they have a plan, don’t have a plan at all. It’s just a question of a lot of different things. People try to put it off. They procrastinate. They don’t want to talk about death and dying with somebody for an hour or so. So they just put it off and then one day they’re not able to make those decisions anymore and it’s too late.

Barry: You know, the nice thing is that if you don’t make the decisions yourself, if you just wait and prolong it, the nice thing is that someone from the government will come in and make those decisions for you. Isn’t that what we all want? At least those decisions won’t go unmade. I mean, somebody’s going to make the decisions, right?

Mark: Sarcastically, I’ll say that the government’s going to step in and be one more part of your life and your death.

Barry: I didn’t want them in my life when I was alive. I’m surely not going to want them in my life when I’m dead.

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What Happens If You Die and You Don’t Have A Will, Trust or Estate Planning

Real Estate Agent Barry Mathis and Attorney Mark Umeda Discuss What Happens To Your House If You Haven’t Prepared Your Estate By The Time You Pass From This Life Into The Next.

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