If You Don’t Decide The Government Will Do It For You – Probate

Attorney Mark Umeda and Barry Mathis discuss what happens if you don’t create an estate plan before it’s too late.

Here is a transcription from a clip of Real Talk on Real Estate episode 153 on probate

Last Will and testament document to prevent probateBarry: Hey Mark, is Sammy Hagar someday going to have to use your services or the services of someone like you?

Mark: At some point, everybody has to plan ahead and use the services of an estate claim attorney.

Barry: So he probably does have an Estate Plan? So this is something that everyone has to do.

Mark: I wouldn’t presume to believe that he has or doesn’t have a plan. Sometimes the people who think they have a plan, don’t have a plan at all. It’s just a question of a lot of different things. People try to put it off. They procrastinate. They don’t want to talk about death and dying with somebody for an hour or so. So they just put it off and then one day they’re not able to make those decisions anymore and it’s too late.

Barry: You know, the nice thing is that if you don’t make the decisions yourself, if you just wait and prolong it, the nice thing is that someone from the government will come in and make those decisions for you. Isn’t that what we all want? At least those decisions won’t go unmade. I mean, somebody’s going to make the decisions, right?

Mark: Sarcastically, I’ll say that the government’s going to step in and be one more part of your life and your death.

Barry: I didn’t want them in my life when I was alive. I’m surely not going to want them in my life when I’m dead.

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What Happens If You Die and You Don’t Have A Will, Trust or Estate Planning

Real Estate Agent Barry Mathis and Attorney Mark Umeda Discuss What Happens To Your House If You Haven’t Prepared Your Estate By The Time You Pass From This Life Into The Next.

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Homes for sale in Citrus Heights CA 6037 White Cloud Court

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Homes for sale in Citrus Heights CA 6037 White Cloud Ct


Houses for sale in Sacramento CA

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Sammy Hagar Roseville Concert & Restaurant Re-Opening – Interview

Interview with Stan Novack, Sammy Hagar’s Restaurant Development Director and One of Marketing’s Top 100.

Here’s the transcription clip from Real Talk on Real Estate that aired on September 13th, 2014 about Sammy Hagar’s Concert and Restaurant in Roseville, CA.

Barry: Tell us about your program that you have set up for tonight. What’s on the agenda tonight?

Stan: Tonight we have a concert in the Art’s Park in Town Square in Roseville starting about 7:00. It’s open at 5:30. 7:00 we have an opening band called Days on the Green. Then, approximately 8:00 Sammy Hagar will be performing with the original members of Montrose.

Barry: Hold on. Sammy Hagar is going to Roseville?

Stan: Right, right. Sam’s coming to Roseville.

Barry: So, what is Sammy doing in Roseville? Why is Mr. Hagar, the lustrous Mr. Hagar, what is he doing in Roseville? I mean, we’re just a little Podunk town.

Stan: What happens is everybody knows at one point Sammy has licensed the restaurant in Roseville and the restaurant eventually closed. For probably six or eight months, he’s been thinking about it. We’ve been talking about it and he’s decided to reopen the restaurant. It’s now being owned by the Hagar family, his two son’s Allen and Andrew. We’ve done a soft opening this past week and the grand opening will be on Monday the 15th.

Sammy HagarBarry: That is awesome. The grand opening Monday the 15th. So, if listeners are out there and they want to be a part of what the Hagar family’s doing in Roseville, they should just come out. What time is good time for them to come out for their first servings out there?

Stan: For the opening, it will be opened starting about 11:00 and the restaurant probably we open until midnight.

Barry: That is awesome. We really look forward to having you guys there. We really appreciate Mr. Hagar and his investment in Roseville. I’m a Rosevillian – I guess that’s what you call us Rosevillians. I’ve been to the restaurant before when it was open. I really love the environment. I’m a pretty big guy too. If you got me endorsing your restaurant, that’s a step in the right direction.

Stan: Okay, thank you. There are some changes we’ve made. For example, all of the food now is being made in our kitchen in-house. We hired a pastry chef. The deserts are just amazing. All the deserts, homemade deserts. It’s one bread pudding with caramel sauce and rum sauce on it. We have fudge brownie with ice cream, some great stuff on the menu.

Barry: Man, that is incredible. If you have to say there is a theme to the food there, is it seafood or what would be the theme to the food in the restaurant?

Stan: You broke up a little bit.

Barry: Sorry, about that. What would your theme be for the food in the restaurant? Italian, French, Seafood?

Stan: No. Basically, it’s a fusion cuisine. I guess a little bit of Pacific Rim, Hawaii, Mexico and so forth and a little bit of New Orleans. We have a Cajun Jambalaya with linguine which is absolutely fantastic. Sammy’s favorite sandwich is the Cubano and the difference in ours with everybody else’s is the marinated pork that’s been marinated for six hours in a secret sauce and it’s just amazing.
The other thing is Sammy – a lot of people don’t realize it that he’s a foodie. He’s got a lot of friends who are chefs. They influence the way he does and he was here at the restaurant about 3 weeks ago for a food testing, went through the entire menu and he always has suggestions. He likes the menu but he said, “But if we did, it will be a little bit better. If we did that, it will be a better. If we had the seasonings, it will be a little better.” He has quite a palate so we made the changes to his requests and it was better.

Barry: Well, that’s awesome Stan. I know you have extensive background in restauranting and I appreciate you being in the air today. Hey, what’s the address is somebody wants to come check you out? What’s your website and what’s your physical address?

Stan: The address is 238 Vernon Street, right downtown. The website right now, we’re starting a new one but you can find other information on www.sammysbeachbarandgrill.com

Barry: Alright. Thank you so much for joining us.

Stan: Okay, you’re welcome and look forward to everybody coming down and having some fun at the restaurant.

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Real Estate Market Update for Placer and Sacramento CA September 15, 2014

Barry V MathisHello! This is Barry Mathis, the voice of real estate in Sacramento for over a decade.

Alright, well we’re a real estate company so we’re going to jump in and give a little bit of a market update we’re we are right now. This is for Placer County or Sacramento County.

In Sacramento County the market is about 3 times as large as the Placer County market. 3,450 houses are on the market right now. That’s an increase in inventory. It’s quite a bit. A lot more houses are for sale right now than were for sale a little while ago. So, we’re seeing a year over year 29% increase in inventory. If you think that’s a lot, 15 months ago we were seeing a 70% increase in inventory. That’s a huge number of houses that are on the market now that were not on the market merely 15 months ago.

What are those houses selling for? Well, we’ve got quite a few pending sales. 1,600 of those are pending sales and 1,343 have sold.

If you’re out there and you want to know how long it should take to sell your house? Well, 39 days on market is the average. 39 days on market is where people are at. That’s up a little bit from 37 which was up from 35. So, you’re seeing it take a little bit longer each month to get those houses sold. To put that in reference we were down on the average days on market being 23. Now, we’re at 39. Obviously, those really have a direct relationship with each other. That amount of inventory coming on the market really makes it drag out a little bit longer to get them all sold.

The funny thing to me is the number of homes that have sold has really stayed about the same. Well, on to what everybody wants to know. Is my house value going up or down? It’s kind of staying flat. It’s kind of staying in the same – $173 a square foot; $174 a square foot; $176 a square foot. It’s just not really doing a whole lot moving up and down either way. You might say it went up, yeah. But not very much, not significantly.

That’s something you guys should be looking at. Month’s worth of inventory. We’ve seen that climb. We went from 1.3 and up to 2.6. You know what the amazing thing is we were at 1.8 month’s worth of inventory just in April. What that means is if you sold all the houses that are on the market and didn’t bring any more new houses on the market, in April it was 1.8; now it’s 2.6. That’s a big climb really fast.

Placer County will jump into that real fast. Placer County, a repeat of the same thing. You’re seeing 1,466 homes on the market which is an increase of 84%. Really getting close to 100%, more homes on the market than what was on there just a short 15 months ago.
We’ve got $196 a square foot. Again, you’re $195, $197, $191, $196. That really hasn’t changed. It’s staying pretty flat. Days on market there is 47 from a low of 38. We’re kind of seeing the same thing in both markets. Placer County, you got to really hear these amount. I hear a lot of people say, “Well, my house is not selling.” Only 492 houses sold in all of Placer County. And you got to remember Placer County is all the way down to Roseville, but remember, it’s also all the way up in Tahoe. That’s a big stretch of land to only have 492 homes sell.

If you’re out there and you’re wondering why your home isn’t selling, well you better make it more attractive. You better make your price right. You better get the price right for the condition it’s in and you’d do well to make that condition nicer than any other house in the block.

If you’ve been waiting to sell your home until the time was right, you may find the time has come. With the recent rise in local home prices, your home maybe worth much more than you think. Online pricing sites such as Zillow or Trulia simply fail to provide an accurate picture of your home’s true market price.

To receive a true value report from real live professional, simply call me – Barry Mathis at 916-225-7777 or visit our website www.truevaluereport.com

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RTRE ep 153 We all gotta go sometime: Probate, Trusts and Estate Planning


Attorney Mark Umeda

Barry Mathis Talks Probate, Wills and Trusts, and Estate Planning with Mark Umeda in this podcast.


Stan Novack

Special guest Stan Novack, Sammy Hagar’s restaurant development director, joins us to talk about the grand re-opening of Sammy’s Island Bar and Grill in Roseville, CA.

Enjoy the show! Don’t forget to subscribe on itunes.


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Probate, Trusts, Estate Planning & Sammy Hagar’s New Restaurant for September 13 2014

Attorney Mark Umeda will be joining us today. Mr. Umeda has 24 years of experience as an Attorney and is well versed in many areas. His main areas of expertise are Estate Planning, Trusts and Probate.

Visit Marks site www.areucovered.com


Mark: “As an estate planning attorney, my goals are simple:

  • Avoid your estate going into probate
  • Keep current on the latest laws
  • Help you choose the right plan, avoid probate, and eliminate estate taxes
  • Clearly explain all scenarios or outcomes – good or bad – and give real life examples of my suggestions enabling you to make the best possible decision
  • Anticipate problems with types of assets and / or family issues that may arise
  • Help communicate sensitive matters with family
  • Give real life examples of my suggestions
  • Provide an accurate assessment of your costs along with a reasonable timeline for completion of services
  • Be reasonable and fair about legal fees

You can contact Mark at 916.925.8000 or via email at mumeda@sbcglobal.net

Very exciting broadcast for us THIS MORNING AT TEN on 1380 AM The Answer! In honor of the grand reopening of Sammy Hagar’s Island Bar & Grill on Vernon St. in downtown Roseville,”Real Talk on Real Estate” is going to have a phone interview with Stan Novack – Sammy Hagar’s “Director of Restaurant Development!”


Mr. Stan Novack has been recognized as one of the “Marketing 100″ by trade publication Advertising Age, AND being responsible for the creation, development, and implementation many specialty restaurant concepts including micro-breweries, sports grills, wine bars, etc.

You can visit the website to see what’s happening with the new restaurant in Roseville, CA.



Also check out the newest of our homes for sale in Citrus Heights CA listing http://6037whitecloud.com/

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The Smart Lease Option


Hordes of people have lost a house to foreclosure or short sale in the last 5 years and they can’t qualify to purchase a home. I want to tell you about a program out there that is just becoming available through a national mortgage assistance program. You can find out about it at http://TheSmartLease.com. This website will give you a overview of the program. Basically, it’s a rent to own program. After you’ve been qualified and if you have enough cash for a good down payment around 5%, you’ll select the home you like and a hedge fund investor comes in and purchases the property for you and they give you an option on it. Now, this is not a 2 year or 3 year option. This is a 6 year option. That will give you quite a long time to fix your credit. Also, since the investors purchase the house for you in cash, they are able to negotiate a great deal and the savings get passed on to you. Here’s how, the purchase option price is agreed upon before you even move in so you’ll know what to expect years in advance. That will make it really easy for you to plan and your home cost won’t be at the mercy of the rising home prices in the future.  This is for a family or individual who earn at or more than about $7500 a month in income. The houses will be priced at about $350k on up to $750k. Check out The Smart Lease.

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RTRE ep. 152 Commercial vs. Residential Real Estate Investments: Is bigger better

Along with Host Barry Mathis and cohost Pitt Miller of Peak Mortgage, we have a very special (and accomplished) guest, Peter Harris.

peterharrisimage-e1324413767577Not only has he co-authored the book Commercial Real Estate Investing For Dummies®, contributed alongside Donald Trump in the Three Master Secrets of Real Estate Success (Audio Business Course), most recently authored the Kindle eBook Commercial Real Estate for Beginners: The Basics of Commercial Real Estate Investing, AND has personally mentored hundreds of commercial real estate investors across the United States for the past 11 years . . . but he also created this in his spare time:  http://www.commercialpropertyadvisors.com/

Peter Harris is also know as The Apartment Consultant. You can see his site here http://www.theapartmentconsultant.com/

“The Apartment Consultant was created by real estate entrepreneur and best-selling author Peter Harris. Peter is an internationally known real estate speaker and trainer with a huge passion for investing in apartments and helping others. He is also a highly sought after ‘turn-around apartment’ specialist and provides Apartment Lending Services.”

Mr. Peter Harris, it will be an honor to have you on the show. A true renaissance man in the world of real estate, you will be an exciting asset to our radio program. Sacramento realtors, home buyers, home sellers,prospective property investors, and on and on . . . you will NOT want to miss this broadcast!

Also, Pitt and Barry announce a way to buy that house you want but can’t because you don’t have the credit score. They will tell you their secret and talk about the new website that just launched this morning at 8am where you can get all the info you need to make a house your home. The website is http://TheSmartLease.com

Finally, Barry introduces Loni Malinao. She’s passionate about getting people healthy. You can find out more at http://bodyby.isagenix.com/

Please like or follow us to keep in touch!

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RTRE Episode #151Divorce and Real Estate


This week we are joined by Attorney Jon Lydell of Lydell and Lydell Attorneys at law. He has helped guide thousands of couples through this process

When moving on means moving out. Challenges couples face regarding the disposition of their real estate assets at a time they are already experiencing a high level of stress.

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