Real Talk # 321 Inventory Crisis

Barry and Jennifer discuss the shrinking inventory of Sacramento and Placer counties as more homes are going into escrow

Interest rates for home buying are on the rise, so now is the time to lock in those low rates while they last

Barry talks about the gorgeous retreat of a house, 7435 Shelbourne Dr. Visit the website to look at this home and schedule an appointment to see it today.

The Real Talk Team recommends that, while most people don’t do this, you should interview multiple agents to find the right one for you and the hunt for your home.

A transcription of this week’s episode can be found here.

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Real Talk # 320: How to Win A Real Estate (Bidding) War

This week, Barry and Jennifer discuss the rise of Bidding Wars during home purchases, giving you the edge in the battle for your next home

We get a loan market update from Pitt Miller, where we earn that the low 3% interest rate of today is starting to slowly rise. Now is a great time to lock in this low rate! To contact Pitt, call (916) 300-0401

Barry invites you out to a local open house, 5120 Aktis Court.

The Real Talk Team discusses this amazing chart, showing the trends of prices on home over time. Based on this chart of the market pulses, volume is flat and a unique look of market timing with a chart of the California Real Estate Market Phases.

We are currently in Phase 4, with sales volume down and prices flat, leading into phase 5 with sales volume and prices down. Now may be the time to sell, IF you’re planing on doing so in the next 3 years.

A transcription for this week’s episode can be found here.

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Real Talk # 319 It’s time to Rent!

In this weeks episode, before Barry goes to Atlanta for a funeral, Barry and Jennifer talk about the renter’s home market. Rents are starting to rise, but it’s still a great time to rent!

A transcript for this week’s episode can be found here.

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Real Talk # 318: Hottest Market for 2015

This week, Barry and Jennifer talk about the ever-improving homes market for 2015. Lots of homes got offers in March, increasing prices and decreasing inventory, leaving all the great homes to be up for the taking.

Our hosts have a discussion on the Natomas area, discussing how the Natomas area now has a new flood of construction in the former flood zone.

Also, Barry recommends some great homes for you to look at today. 895 Old Grass Valley Road, 2916 Del Paso Road, and 2836 Randolph Avenue, and even more. (To view details on any of the properties, click address in this message) To visit some these properties, or to learn about more great properties, contact Barry at (916) 225-7777, Jennifer at (916) 532-5896, or the youngest and newest member of the Real Talk Team, Matt at (916) 751-0065

A transcript of the episode is available here.

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Real Talk # 317 Its Time to Sell!

This week, hear from Barry and Jennifer as they discuss how we are nearing the peak of a Sellers market in Sacramento County, hear the signs that are telling you that it is time to get your home on the market.  We are closer to the top than the bottom.

And with interest rates so low, its a great time to buy too!

Pitt Miller calls in to talk to us about 2916 Del Paso Blvd, an amazing house he was showing during the show. For property details, photos, a video walk through of the property, and to request a showing, visit  .

If you’d like a copy of this week’s episode, in text form, click here.



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Real Talk # 316 Marketing for Luxury Homes

The Luxury home market presents special challenges that require special tools to get the desired results.  Listen in to hear Barry Mathis and Jennifer Sandvoss discuss the differences in the two ends of the market whether you are dealing with local or national levels.

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Real Talk # 315 Today’s Luxury Home Market – Rarified air for select Clients and even fewer Agents

Barry Mathis and Jennifer Sandvos ” The Queen of Real Estate”  share a market update       and discuss the real numbers behind the Luxury Home Market.

What are the driving forces behind the 35% increase in Jumbo Loans ?

How many agents really have experience selling Luxury homes ? (Fewer than you think)

What do the top agents do differently than the rest. ( Hint Marketing Matters ) ?

Plus two more reasons that ” You might need a new Real Estate if …)

Luxury Home Data talked about in this week’s show can be found here.

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Real Talk # 314 Next Hotspot To Buy and Sell Homes

How can you take action in the coming year?

By knowing the next hot spot to buy and sell properties in the Sacramento and surrounding areas!

Download the podcast below

On this Real Estate Podcast Barry “the voice of real estate” Mathis is paired with hard money lender David Washburn of Socotra Capital.

David Washburn
(916) 628-3744 cell

3104 O St. #357, Sacramento CA 95816



Real Estate Acquisition, Construction, Refinance, Rehab, or Cash Out

– Our loans focus on equity, not credit or income
– In House funds let us be more flexible and creative
– Flexible terms
– Less paperwork than conventional loans
– Fast & Easy approval
– Fast funding
– Low FICO & Credit Problems OK
LOAN PARAMETERS:Property Type: Residential, Commercial & Land
– Loan Amount: $30,000 – $2,000,000
– Rate: 9 – 16%, interest only
– Term: 6 months – 60 months
– Fees: 3 to 5 Points plus $2,000 per transaction
– LTV: 55%
Real Estate CA DRE #01873715

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Real Talk # 313 Turning Up Heat In December

Sacramento HVAC Contractor

Mark Adams with Southern Comfort Heating and Air

Joining Barry Today, standing at 6’10” with a southern draw, HVAC profession, Mark Adams. Check out Marks website

Download our podcast at the bottom of the page

Radio Show Special:
$49 Duct Evaluation

Most ducting systems DO leak heated or cooled air, which is like throwing away dollar bills every time you run your HVAC system. We can perform a specialized test to identify the volume of air your ducting system is leaking and prescribe an affordable plan for properly sealing, re-rerouting, or repairing your ductwork for maximum output and energy savings.

Please Call for details 916-533-3962
to Schedule Your Evaluation Now.

(limited-time offer ends 12/31/2013)

Also, download the podcast today as Barry discusses why you should be buying now. It’s a hot time to pick up a house as December is the “Black Friday” of real estate. Prices are down so if you’re planning to buy or invest call your agent and put in an offer before New Year 2015.

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 9.29.03 AM

Download the transcript below.


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Real Talk # 312 Peak Mortgage November 2014 Mortgage Market Update with Pitt Miller

Barry Asks Pitt Miller of Peak Mortgage for an update on the status of the mortgage industry in Sacramento and surrounding areas.

Pitt Miller Peak Mortgage

Pitt Miller

Barry Mathis: We’re going to jump out for a market update for our mortgage market update. Hey Pitt Miller what are you doing?
Pitt Miller: Well I’m just calling in now but I have been listening in to your great show, how are you today Barry?
Barry: We’re doing awesome. We’re going to be revealing our two new additional steps in our 79 point marketing plan which is now an 81 point marketing plan. But tell us what’s going on in the mortgage world. I heard that they’re giving away money again that it’s all free loans out there now.
Pitt: I love the way you say that giving it away. Well as you know for some of our clients last week rates are low. We have a 30 year fixed rate that hovered around 4% for 15 years under three and a half.
Barry: Hold on a second did you say under three and a half?
Pitt: Under three and a half Barry.
Barry: That’s amazing.
Pitt: But what I really wanted to talk about was how prepared a buyer needs to be. One of the questions I always get with customers in working with them is, can you ensure the deal’s going to close on time because we want to set up our sale of our one house to buy the next house. I want to talk about what it takes to make that happen.
Barry: Let me hear it, what do we need to be doing in advance to make that happen?
Pit: There’s the key word in advance. More than ever you really need to take the loan through the full approval process. What that means is you submit all the documents to the lender. You get the lender to under ride it and give actual full approval upfront. So if it’s an FHA then that’s a DE underwriter, if it’s a conventional you get it fully approved and then once we get it in contract it’s very realistic that we can close inside that 30 day period.
The biggest push back that we get from clients and the thing I have to help them through is just the documentation of tax to close. That seems to be the number one issues that always takes extra time and I kind of want to explain that.
Barry: If I go to the casino and lay down a black chip and I win that’s not good enough documentation?
Pitt: That was great thank you. Let’s talk about that, that is acceptable if you have the documentation to show that it was a pay out from the casino and you want it, and then we’re going to want to see if on the tax return you have a history of making money from the casino.
Barry: I don’t think anybody has a history of making money from the casino.
Pitt: That would be a surprise. What I normally see is people are used to people questioning their deposits into their bank when we look at their bank statements and that’s what it boils down to. We have to question or source all deposits into the account and that’s just sometimes frustrating with buyers.
I kind of preach that people take the time upfront let us vet everything, let us get the documentation done and then once they write the contract with you then you get on to the things like home inspection and little things to close not big things.
Barry: Absolutely, well thank you so much for joining us I really appreciate it. if somebody wanted to reach out and get a hold of you, it sounds like you’re being really prepared in trying to make sure that there’s no surprises. I tell you these kind of surprises are emotional, and heartfelt, and people cry. There’s moving trucks in the yard and people are sad, so we don’t want to have these kind of surprises.
So if somebody is trying to solve that in advance and being pro-active how do they get a hold of you?
Pitt: Well you get a hold of me by calling Barry Mathis, and Barry will refer you to me, or you can contact me, Pitt Miller, directly. Thanks Barry have a great day.
Barry: All right thank you very much. You heard it, we do have that from time to time. When you hear about the tightening of the credit market when you’re listening to the tightening of the credit market these are really some of the things that they’re talking about it’s those unmentioned things. It’s not that you now have to have a 700 FICO in order to get your credit.
You can get your credit with a much lower FICO score. You can get a credit with actually surprisingly low, in the low 600s and even some programs that don’t even have credit scores. You can get approved for a loan it’s just this kind of stuff the documentation, the making sure that you really can source your funds. That’s actually the tightening up of it.
When they say they’re being conservative that’s what they mean.
Missy: This is part of a real estate marketing plan Barry. When you are thinking about buying or selling a house you need to have that planned and part of the plan is the mortgage, is the financing. If you don’t have a plan, you don’t have someone to talk to that is an expert what are you going to do?

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