RTRE #149 Where To Buy Your Next Rental

Host Barry Mathis along with cohost Pitt Miller discuss the advantages and disadvantages of buying investment properties in areas that give a higher ROI but include more risk. Chris Airola from CGA Property Management is our special guest and rental property expert.

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RTRE #148 The cost of renting vs. buying

Host Barry Mathis and co host Pitt Miller as they discuss the true cost of renting vs. buying a home. The answer might surprise you.

Find Pitt on Linkedin at www.linkedin.com/in/pittmiller

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RTRE 006 The Pitfalls and Perils of HOA Management with Brad Higgins

The simple act of serving on a HOA Board or even being a member of an association exposes us to many unexpected dangers and complexities. The days of winging it are long gone , you need a very experianced professional to guide like a climbers Sherpa.

Brad Higgins 916.337.5893


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RTRE 014 Getting Rid of Unwanted House Guest !

We interview Jesse Santos a representative from North American Pest Control to get the latest in eco friendly and safe pest treatment methods and discuss the real deal on the costly services pushed by the new home builders.

IF you need help with pest services or just have a question  you can contact an expert by simply reaching out to our guest Jesse Santos  directly at 916.710.4394 of via email at JSantos@natpc.com , either way the advice is free and is based on years of experience. That’s a good combination in my book


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RTRE 001 A Father and Son make a profit togather !

This show includes an interview from a Client who was able to tweak a tired rental into enough additional profit to pay for his Son’s college tuition for the year !

Plus as an added bonus he got to spend time with his Son working on a project together.

They both walked away with some great memories.

To find a home you can make a memory of your own in give me a call at 916.225.7777 or visit our property search site at www.ksterealestate.com


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What your agent should do after sticking a sign in your yard !

Keeping it Real !

A  discussion of the steps your agent should take to market your home. Including;

  • Syndication of Property
  • Real Time Marketing Response Tracking


www.ksterealestate.com    www.truevaluereport.com



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Craftsmen Style Home Completely Restored and Under Contract !

My  clients, the Blesio’s  did an amazing job on this home in Sacramento , if you have a moment let them know what you think of the job they did. Follow the link to take a walk thru the house and get a feel for the complete job.



IMG_8685 IMG_8650 IMG_8640 IMG_8634

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RTRE 008 Living your Dream Life with Carrie Beth !

This young lady is living the life that she chose for herself , impacting others and making a real differance in the world. It all started because she was willing to take the first step !


You can make a Differance today!

You can make a Differance today!


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Property Management Tips from a Pro


Listen Live

This show features an interview with Ernest Alexander , a 20 year Property Manager with on of the largest and oldest property management companies in Northern California. It just goes to show that when you keep doing the right things long enough it all works out.

Ernest Alexander Jr. Ernest Alexander Jr. –  Licensed Property Manager / RealtorArea: North Natomas, Rio Linda
Phone: 916-923-6183 ext.153
E-mail: elalexander@sbcglobal.netBRE: #01447338


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Investing in Real Estate

This show featured a great caller who flipped a house to pay for his son’s college.

Listen live


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