Real Talk # 295 Sammy Hagar Roseville Concert & Restaurant Re-Opening – Interview

Interview with Stan Novack, Sammy Hagar’s Restaurant Development Director and One of Marketing’s Top 100.

Here’s the transcription clip from Real Talk on Real Estate that aired on September 13th, 2014 about Sammy Hagar’s Concert and Restaurant in Roseville, CA.

Barry: Tell us about your program that you have set up for tonight. What’s on the agenda tonight?

Stan: Tonight we have a concert in the Art’s Park in Town Square in Roseville starting about 7:00. It’s open at 5:30. 7:00 we have an opening band called Days on the Green. Then, approximately 8:00 Sammy Hagar will be performing with the original members of Montrose.

Barry: Hold on. Sammy Hagar is going to Roseville?

Stan: Right, right. Sam’s coming to Roseville.

Barry: So, what is Sammy doing in Roseville? Why is Mr. Hagar, the lustrous Mr. Hagar, what is he doing in Roseville? I mean, we’re just a little Podunk town.

Stan: What happens is everybody knows at one point Sammy has licensed the restaurant in Roseville and the restaurant eventually closed. For probably six or eight months, he’s been thinking about it. We’ve been talking about it and he’s decided to reopen the restaurant. It’s now being owned by the Hagar family, his two son’s Allen and Andrew. We’ve done a soft opening this past week and the grand opening will be on Monday the 15th.

Sammy HagarBarry: That is awesome. The grand opening Monday the 15th. So, if listeners are out there and they want to be a part of what the Hagar family’s doing in Roseville, they should just come out. What time is good time for them to come out for their first servings out there?

Stan: For the opening, it will be opened starting about 11:00 and the restaurant probably we open until midnight.

Barry: That is awesome. We really look forward to having you guys there. We really appreciate Mr. Hagar and his investment in Roseville. I’m a Rosevillian – I guess that’s what you call us Rosevillians. I’ve been to the restaurant before when it was open. I really love the environment. I’m a pretty big guy too. If you got me endorsing your restaurant, that’s a step in the right direction.

Stan: Okay, thank you. There are some changes we’ve made. For example, all of the food now is being made in our kitchen in-house. We hired a pastry chef. The deserts are just amazing. All the deserts, homemade deserts. It’s one bread pudding with caramel sauce and rum sauce on it. We have fudge brownie with ice cream, some great stuff on the menu.

Barry: Man, that is incredible. If you have to say there is a theme to the food there, is it seafood or what would be the theme to the food in the restaurant?

Stan: You broke up a little bit.

Barry: Sorry, about that. What would your theme be for the food in the restaurant? Italian, French, Seafood?

Stan: No. Basically, it’s a fusion cuisine. I guess a little bit of Pacific Rim, Hawaii, Mexico and so forth and a little bit of New Orleans. We have a Cajun Jambalaya with linguine which is absolutely fantastic. Sammy’s favorite sandwich is the Cubano and the difference in ours with everybody else’s is the marinated pork that’s been marinated for six hours in a secret sauce and it’s just amazing.
The other thing is Sammy – a lot of people don’t realize it that he’s a foodie. He’s got a lot of friends who are chefs. They influence the way he does and he was here at the restaurant about 3 weeks ago for a food testing, went through the entire menu and he always has suggestions. He likes the menu but he said, “But if we did, it will be a little bit better. If we did that, it will be a better. If we had the seasonings, it will be a little better.” He has quite a palate so we made the changes to his requests and it was better.

Barry: Well, that’s awesome Stan. I know you have extensive background in restauranting and I appreciate you being in the air today. Hey, what’s the address is somebody wants to come check you out? What’s your website and what’s your physical address?

Stan: The address is 238 Vernon Street, right downtown. The website right now, we’re starting a new one but you can find other information on

Barry: Alright. Thank you so much for joining us.

Stan: Okay, you’re welcome and look forward to everybody coming down and having some fun at the restaurant.

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