Real Talk # 306 Warren Buffett, Sammy Hagar and Missy Wilson Giving a Smooch

Here’s a conversation with Barry and Missy Wilson where they discuss everything from public speaking, smooching, Sammy Hagar’s new restaurant, the tragic deaths of local sheriffs, and they even mention Warren Buffett. Read on and see what it’s all about.

Barry: All right Sacramento this is Barry Mathis and we are live in the studio with Missy. Missy give out your last name, your contact information, where you’re from.
Missy: Missy Wilson Be Real Management and Marketing in Los Angeles, beautiful downtown Redondo Beach I’ve been doing it for over 15 years. Marketing and radio broadcast advertising.
Barry: Awesome and if you’re out there and you want to see Missy, if you want to see the face behind the voice and if you want to catch her smooching than you can go to our website and you will catch Missy Wilson in the act of giving a man a smooch.
Missy: That’s my son Barry. Keeping it clean.
Warren-BuffetBarry: That’s what all you LA socialites say right. That is her son and daughter and she’s on there. I love to see people that their families get involved. I mean I remember one time I went to a guy’s presentation and it was his company and he had a big sized staff.
He’s now working for Warren Buffet it was a good sized company and we went to his presentation. His daughter was in the back of the room taking notes on the presentation. Unless you just got this screwed up psycho family that’s usually a good sign that what you’re saying is true. I know that my kids, if I’m up front and I’m saying something, that my kids don’t think is right they’ll call me on it.
Missy: They’ll let you know, they’ll let you know right away.
Barry: They’ll go,”dad that wasn’t right.”
Missy: Keeping it real.
Sammy Hagar RestaurantBarry: Hey speaking of keeping it real if you’re out there, if you’re part of the friends of Placer County Sheriff’s Department if you guys know that we just lost some deputies. We have a new spot in Roseville, Sammy’s Island bar and Grill and you’ve heard me talk about Sammy’s before. That is Sammy Hagar and he’s done a lot of good things there for the city of Roseville.
Now he stepped up and did a benefit for the family of Placer County Detective Michael Davis. It was done on Wednesday night November 12th, 2014 from 11 am to 10 pm. If you went there for lunch, a portion of those proceeds were donated to the Davis family.
Our hearts and prayers go out to those famines not only in Placer County but also in Sacramento for those deputies that we lost. It was a celebration of life. It was an honor to celebrate life with those families.

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