Real Talk # 305 The Best Time To Buy Real Estate

When is the best time to buy real estate?

Opportunity concept.Is it when rates are low? When you find the house you love? When your family starts growing? All of the above? Most people start looking for a house when they “feel” ready. What if there were a way to calculate the best time to buy and whether your paying off someones mortgage by renting when you could afford your own home?

Listen in today as Barry Mathis answers all these questions and more on the KTKZ online radio player

Below are the charts and data tables he will use to show you how to make a logical decision instead of decision based solely on emotion. Trust me, the emotions are much better when you know you’ve made the right decision.

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Click the image below to go to the live renting vs. buying calculator

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 9.20.42 AM

Click this image to see the full calculator that will tell you if you should keep renting or take the step and finally get that house you’ve always wanted.


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