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Real Talk # 323: The Crystal Ball (Part 2)

So what does the future hold for you?  As I gaze deep into the Data, I see that we are coming to a crest of this upswing real estate cycle that has lasted nearly 7 years now. That much is a given by almost anyone who spends anytime at all watching the wind blow, whether from the shoreline or in the midst of the sea (as I am). The mystery lays in the timing of the next downturn, this is the question that everyone seeks the answer to, but THIS IS THE WRONG QUESTION! The right question is; “Given my unique circumstances, the resources I currently have and my past experiences, … Continue reading

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Real Talk # 322: The Crystal Ball (Part 1)

The use of a sea green magnetically charged material (Beryl) that had been polished into a reflective ball by the Celtic Druids circa 2000 BC – 600 AD is believed to be the first recorded use of this divination device.  The “seer” would stare into the stone and fall into a meditate trance from which they claimed to be able to see the past, present or future. Sceptics may note that the Druids were wiped out by invading forces that they did not see coming or having seen where still powerless to avert their own destruction.  Well, as Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 1:9 “What has been will be again … … Continue reading

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Real Talk # 313 Turning Up Heat In December

Joining Barry Today, standing at 6’10” with a southern draw, HVAC profession, Mark Adams. Check out Marks website http://www.socoheatingair.com/ Download our podcast at the bottom of the page Radio Show Special: $49 Duct Evaluation Most ducting systems DO leak heated or cooled air, which is like throwing away dollar bills every time you run your HVAC system. We can perform a specialized test to identify the volume of air your ducting system is leaking and prescribe an affordable plan for properly sealing, re-rerouting, or repairing your ductwork for maximum output and energy savings. Please Call for details 916-533-3962 to Schedule Your Evaluation Now. (limited-time offer ends 12/31/2013) Also, download the podcast … Continue reading

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Real Talk # 310 How to sell my house for more money

How to sell my house for more money is a question on a lot of peoples minds. Barry Mathis and Missy discuss what it takes and even give you an example of a site for one of Barry’s houses. Barry: All right Sacramento, that’s me that’s my cue we’re back. We’re talking about marketing your properties and speaking of marketing properties let’s do a little bit of marketing for one of our properties. We have an incredible property out in Citrus Heights, it’s not going to be like anything else you find out there. This property has been totally remodelled with massive granite countertops, all new stainless steel appliances, French … Continue reading

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Real Talk # 309 November 2014 Real Estate Prices in Sacramento and Market Update (Video)

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Real Talk # 308 Sacramento Home Prices – November Market Update

Join Barry as he shares what’s happening right now in the real estate market for the Sacramento and Placer counties. I’m going to jump right in here. So the data is the number of sales for Sacramento County was up 15.7% from one year ago today so that’s the kind of data I’m going to give you today. Is your to date numbers over year over year numbers. Number of for sale listings was up 15%, the number of sales listing was up 34% in Placer County so that’s a big increase in Placer County. And it was down 4.8% Placer County and down also in Sacramento County from the … Continue reading

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Real Talk # 307 The Best Time To Buy Real Estate

Download this latest podcast below and listen in as Barry discusses the best time to buy real estate. You can get the show notes here.

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Real Talk # 305 The Best Time To Buy Real Estate

When is the best time to buy real estate? Is it when rates are low? When you find the house you love? When your family starts growing? All of the above? Most people start looking for a house when they “feel” ready. What if there were a way to calculate the best time to buy and whether your paying off someones mortgage by renting when you could afford your own home? Listen in today as Barry Mathis answers all these questions and more on the KTKZ online radio player http://goo.gl/90vpkG. Below are the charts and data tables he will use to show you how to make a logical decision instead of … Continue reading

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Real Talk # 303 The Difference a Marketing Plan Makes When Selling Your Home

In this episode of Real Talk On Real Estate Barry discusses real estate marketing plans with Miss Wilson from Be Real Management. Click here to read the show notes and here’s the transcription Download the podcast below.

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Real Talk # 302 The Difference a Marketing Plan Makes When Selling Your Home

Real Estate Marketing Really Matters Most agents take your listing, stick it in the MLS and maybe do a few open houses. Is there more you can do? If you do more does it really make a difference? Listen on Sat. November 7th at 10am PT as Barry Mathis hosts Missy Wilson from Be Real Management, a marketing firm specializing in radio. You can listen online at http://goo.gl/90vpkG. Download the podcast here http://realtalkonrealestate.com/rtre-ep-160-the-difference-a-marketing-plan-makes-when-selling-your-home/ These simple words sum up everything my business stands for. I have always believed that one can earn more respect and trust from others when you are JUST REAL. This is why when I work with a client, I … Continue reading

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