Real Talk # 302 The Difference a Marketing Plan Makes When Selling Your Home

Real Estate Marketing Really Matters

Most agents take your listing, stick it in the MLS and maybe do a few open houses. Is there more you can do? If you do more does it really make a difference?

Listen on Sat. November 7th at 10am PT as Barry Mathis hosts Missy Wilson from Be Real Management, a marketing firm specializing in radio. You can listen online at

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Missy Wilson - Center

Missy Wilson – Center

These simple words sum up everything my business stands for. I have always believed that one can earn more respect and trust from others when you are JUST REAL. This is why when I work with a client, I always have their best interests in mind, even if it means we end up doing a little less business.

The Be Real Management & Marketing team will be involved throughout the entire process. We will utilize out strong relationships with national media outlets to maximize your advertising budget. Our goal is to deliver REAL results that improve your business in whatever way you are seeking. Whether you are looking to increase calls to your call center, patrons to your restaurant or event, seminar sign ups, or visits to your website, we have the tools to get your goals reached. You can find them on facebook at

Be Real Managment

I have over 20 years of experience in marketing.  Broadcast media, specializing in radio show production,talent management, and sales. I have worked for leading broadcast stations such as Citadel Broadcasting Corporation and CBS Radio Broadcasting Corporation.

The Be Real Management and Marketing offices are located in beautiful Redondo Beach, California. Check them out online at

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