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Real Talk # 323: The Crystal Ball (Part 2)

So what does the future hold for you?  As I gaze deep into the Data, I see that we are coming to a crest of this upswing real estate cycle that has lasted nearly 7 years now. That much is a given by almost anyone who spends anytime at all watching the wind blow, whether from the shoreline or in the midst of the sea (as I am). The mystery lays in the timing of the next downturn, this is the question that everyone seeks the answer to, but THIS IS THE WRONG QUESTION! The right question is; “Given my unique circumstances, the resources I currently have and my past experiences, … Continue reading

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Video: Where there’s a WILL there’s a way. But, having a TRUST is the best way.

What’s The Difference Between A Will And A Trust? Attorney Mark Umeda and Barry Mathis discuss the fees and guidelines for wills and trusts.

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If You Don’t Decide The Government Will Do It For You – Probate

Attorney Mark Umeda and Barry Mathis discuss what happens if you don’t create an estate plan before it’s too late. Here is a transcription from a clip of Real Talk on Real Estate episode 153 on probate Barry: Hey Mark, is Sammy Hagar someday going to have to use your services or the services of someone like you? Mark: At some point, everybody has to plan ahead and use the services of an estate claim attorney. Barry: So he probably does have an Estate Plan? So this is something that everyone has to do. Mark: I wouldn’t presume to believe that he has or doesn’t have a plan. Sometimes the … Continue reading

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What Happens If You Die and You Don’t Have A Will, Trust or Estate Planning

Real Estate Agent Barry Mathis and Attorney Mark Umeda Discuss What Happens To Your House If You Haven’t Prepared Your Estate By The Time You Pass From This Life Into The Next. Do you have any questions about probate? Maybe you know someone who went through it? What did you think of the video? Go ahead and comment below.

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Real Talk # 293 We all gotta go sometime: Probate, Trusts and Estate Planning

Barry Mathis Talks Probate, Wills and Trusts, and Estate Planning with Mark Umeda in this podcast. Special guest Stan Novack, Sammy Hagar’s restaurant development director, joins us to talk about the grand re-opening of Sammy’s Island Bar and Grill in Roseville, CA. Enjoy the show! Don’t forget to subscribe on itunes.  

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