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RTRE #500 Take the first step! – Brian and Christie Lammi share their story.”

Welcome to Real Talk on Real Estate , This is the start of a new series of  interviews with people like you and I that have dared to dream that they could be Investors. I am excited to start off by sharing the story of the Lammi’s. No matter where you are on your journey, you should be able to relate to their story of  breaking free of the limiting beliefs that hold us each back and achieving success in real estate on their own terms, while raising five kids!

Click the arrow above to listen to their story now or download to play later. Here is a link … Continue reading

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Real Talk # 323: The Crystal Ball (Part 2)

So what does the future hold for you?  As I gaze deep into the Data, I see that we are coming to a crest of this upswing real estate cycle that has lasted nearly 7 years now. That much is a given by almost anyone who spends anytime at all watching the wind blow, whether from the shoreline or in the midst of the sea (as I am). The mystery lays in the timing of the next downturn, this is the question that everyone seeks the answer to, but THIS IS THE WRONG QUESTION! The right question is; “Given my unique circumstances, the resources I currently have and my past experiences, … Continue reading

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Real Talk # 314 Next Hotspot To Buy and Sell Homes

How can you take action in the coming year? By knowing the next hot spot to buy and sell properties in the Sacramento and surrounding areas! Download the podcast below On this Real Estate Podcast Barry “the voice of real estate” Mathis is paired with hard money lender David Washburn of Socotra Capital. PRIVATE MONEY SOLUTIONS FOR REAL ESTATE LOANS David Washburn Dave@SocotraCapital.com (916) 628-3744 cell 3104 O St. #357, Sacramento CA 95816 http://SocotraCapital.com     Real Estate Acquisition, Construction, Refinance, Rehab, or Cash Out – Our loans focus on equity, not credit or income – In House funds let us be more flexible and creative – Flexible terms – Less … Continue reading

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Real Talk # 300: Asset Protection with Garrett Sutton – Rich Dad Poor Dad Attorney

This Saturday October 18th, 2014 at 10 am PT, Barry Mathis & Real Talk On Real Estate will be hosting Garrett Sutton. Don’t know who Garrett is? Well Ask Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. Garrett is Mr. Kiyosaki’s attorney. Tune in online on Saturday at http://goo.gl/90vpkG. Garrett Sutton has been in practice more than thirty five years. Garrett assists entrepreneurs and real estate investors from around the world to protect their assets and maximize their financial goals through sound management and asset protection strategies. Garrett is highly sought after as a guest speaker and serves as a member of the elite group of “Rich Dad Advisors” for bestselling author … Continue reading

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Sacramento Rental Housing Inspection Law – Don’t Make a Rookie Mistake

Barry Mathis and Eviction Attorney Thomas Hogan discuss what even the most experienced real estate investor may not know. It could cost you a fortune, up to $1000 per day and it’s a misdemeanor! Watch and find out. Share this with your friends that are investors or landlords. Did you know this law existed? Have you received a fine for not registering and having your rental inspected? Are you bored and want to write a little something to keep us entertained? Put it in the comments below.

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Real Talk # 289 Where To Buy Your Next Rental

Host Barry Mathis along with cohost Pitt Miller discuss the advantages and disadvantages of buying investment properties in areas that give a higher ROI but include more risk. Chris Airola from CGA Property Management is our special guest and rental property expert.

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Real Talk # 283 Property Management Tips from a Pro

Listen Live This show features an interview with Ernest Alexander , a 20 year Property Manager with on of the largest and oldest property management companies in Northern California. It just goes to show that when you keep doing the right things long enough it all works out. Ernest Alexander Jr. –  Licensed Property Manager / RealtorArea: North Natomas, Rio Linda Phone: 916-923-6183 ext.153 E-mail: elalexander@sbcglobal.netBRE: #01447338 http://www.mmproperties.com/

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Real Talk # 282 Investing in Real Estate

This show featured a great caller who flipped a house to pay for his son’s college. Listen live

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The Big Why ?

If you have ever spent much time around toddlers , you are most likely familiar with the one word reply to almost any answer given to the questions asked by a child’s insatiable mind. WHY? as in ; WHY is the sky blue ? WHY is a dog’s nose cold ? WHY is water wet ? Kids ask up to 300 questions a day , however as we grow up we start asking fewer questions. Perhaps it is because we know the answers or at least we assume we know the answers.  I find that continuing to ask questions is one of the key traits found in a  successful life. … Continue reading

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