The Big Why ?

If you have ever spent much time around toddlers , you are most likely familiar with the one word reply to almost any answer given to the questions asked by a child’s insatiable mind. WHY? as in ; WHY is the sky blue ? WHY is a dog’s nose cold ? WHY is water wet ?

Kids ask up to 300 questions a day , however as we grow up we start asking fewer questions. Perhaps it is because we know the answers or at least we assume we know the answers.  I find that continuing to ask questions is one of the key traits found in a  successful life. The answers that I get often provide the framework by which I can measure my success or that of those I serve in the first place.

Here are a few that I ask my Clients ;

  1. Why do you want to invest ?
  2. What will success look like to you ?
  3. Who are you investing for ?
  4. When do you want to achieve your goal ?

Each of these questions can be followed by a WHY in order to dig deeper , I find that after two or three levels we generally arrive at a real core motivation. I must warn you that this line of thought sometimes turns more intense then expected , however it is very empowering when combined with an action plan that addresses the underlying desire.




About Barry Mathis

Barry Mathis "Broker Barry" has over a decade of experience in the local Real Estate Market. As an active Broker who is personlly involved in the current market , he brings a unique perspective to his advice and his actions. He has ridden the wave of Real Estate from the lows to the highs and back to the lows and now is perfectly position to guide you in this new rising market. His experience as a senior member of a high volume sales team and later as the Broker/Owner of an Intero Franchise has given him a view into thousands of transactions. Most recently he launched and operated one of the fastest growing Property Management companies in northern California , untll its sell aat the end of 2012 The lessons learned in over 1200 + real estate transactions have provided him with a depth of knowledge that simply cannot be learned any other way.Barry knows what it takes to get it done in Real Estate. He has invested in both commercial and residential Real Estate, sometimes for a quick flip and but more often for longer term buy and hold positions. He is a Certified Distressed Property Expert.
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