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Real Talk # 323: The Crystal Ball (Part 2)

So what does the future hold for you?  As I gaze deep into the Data, I see that we are coming to a crest of this upswing real estate cycle that has lasted nearly 7 years now. That much is a given by almost anyone who spends anytime at all watching the wind blow, whether from the shoreline or in the midst of the sea (as I am). The mystery lays in the timing of the next downturn, this is the question that everyone seeks the answer to, but THIS IS THE WRONG QUESTION! The right question is; “Given my unique circumstances, the resources I currently have and my past experiences, … Continue reading

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Real Talk # 322: The Crystal Ball (Part 1)

The use of a sea green magnetically charged material (Beryl) that had been polished into a reflective ball by the Celtic Druids circa 2000 BC – 600 AD is believed to be the first recorded use of this divination device.  The “seer” would stare into the stone and fall into a meditate trance from which they claimed to be able to see the past, present or future. Sceptics may note that the Druids were wiped out by invading forces that they did not see coming or having seen where still powerless to avert their own destruction.  Well, as Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 1:9 “What has been will be again … … Continue reading

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Real Talk # 301 Take Control Of Your Future!

Join us today on Real Talk on Real Estate as Barry and Mat Sorensen, Partner at KKOS Lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona discuss what it takes in this day and age to “Take Control Of Your Future”. Listen live online at http://goo.gl/90vpkG from 10am – 11am PT today! Mat Sorensen, Partner at KYLER KOHLER OSTERMILLER & SORENSEN, LLP 3033 N. Central Avenue, Suite 415 | Phoenix, AZ 85012 Phone 602-761-9798 | www.sdirahandbook.com | e-mail: mat@kkoslawyers.com https://www.linkedin.com/pub/mathew-sorensen/9/b01/b76 www.kkoslawyers.com Mat’s Bio: Mat is a partner at KKOS Lawyers in its Phoenix, AZ office. KKOS Lawyers assists clients nationwide from its offices in Arizona, Utah, and California. Mat’s practice areas include self directed IRA law, business entity … Continue reading

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Real Talk # 300: Asset Protection with Garrett Sutton – Rich Dad Poor Dad Attorney

This Saturday October 18th, 2014 at 10 am PT, Barry Mathis & Real Talk On Real Estate will be hosting Garrett Sutton. Don’t know who Garrett is? Well Ask Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. Garrett is Mr. Kiyosaki’s attorney. Tune in online on Saturday at http://goo.gl/90vpkG. Garrett Sutton has been in practice more than thirty five years. Garrett assists entrepreneurs and real estate investors from around the world to protect their assets and maximize their financial goals through sound management and asset protection strategies. Garrett is highly sought after as a guest speaker and serves as a member of the elite group of “Rich Dad Advisors” for bestselling author … Continue reading

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Landlords Watch Out! Legally Your Tenants May Not Have To Pay Their Rent

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Slide Show – Find Your Next Real Estate Investment

[slideshare id=39584178&doc=sept14gettingstarted-140926184446-phpapp02] If you learned something or have a bit of advice to share please feel free in the comments.

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Real Talk # 297 – Finding Your Next Investment Property

Listen as Barry Mathis discusses how to find your next investment property. What makes the difference between those who look and those who buy. Transcription: RTRE 155: How to find Investment Properties

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Real Talk # 296 – Realize Your Future

Real Talk on Real Estate Radio Show Notes for September 20th, 2014 Todays show will be about your future and how to make that future what you want it to be You can listen online at http://goo.gl/90vpkG or as always on KTKZ AM1380 The Answer if you are in the Sacramento and Surrounding areas. You may also subscribe on itunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/real-talk-on-real-estate/id861895876 Barry will be talking about the law of 72. Check out the infographic on the law of 72 Here’s a short presentation on the Rule of 72 [slideshare id=39305622&doc=theruleof72wbin-140919165113-phpapp02] Barry will also be discussing this months WealthBuilders Investment Network Meetup event. It’s on the fourth Wednesday of every month from at … Continue reading

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Real Talk #292 Commercial vs. Residential Real Estate Investments: Is bigger better

Along with Host Barry Mathis and cohost Pitt Miller of Peak Mortgage, we have a very special (and accomplished) guest, Peter Harris. Not only has he co-authored the book Commercial Real Estate Investing For Dummies®, contributed alongside Donald Trump in the Three Master Secrets of Real Estate Success (Audio Business Course), most recently authored the Kindle eBook Commercial Real Estate for Beginners: The Basics of Commercial Real Estate Investing, AND has personally mentored hundreds of commercial real estate investors across the United States for the past 11 years . . . but he also created this in his spare time:  http://www.commercialpropertyadvisors.com/ Peter Harris is also know as The Apartment Consultant. You … Continue reading

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Real Talk # 282 Investing in Real Estate

This show featured a great caller who flipped a house to pay for his son’s college. Listen live

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