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RTRE #500 Take the first step! – Brian and Christie Lammi share their story.”

Welcome to Real Talk on Real Estate , This is the start of a new series of  interviews with people like you and I that have dared to dream that they could be Investors. I am excited to start off by sharing the story of the Lammi’s. No matter where you are on your journey, you should be able to relate to their story of  breaking free of the limiting beliefs that hold us each back and achieving success in real estate on their own terms, while raising five kids!

Click the arrow above to listen to their story now or download to play later. Here is a link … Continue reading

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Real Talk # 314 Next Hotspot To Buy and Sell Homes

How can you take action in the coming year? By knowing the next hot spot to buy and sell properties in the Sacramento and surrounding areas! Download the podcast below On this Real Estate Podcast Barry “the voice of real estate” Mathis is paired with hard money lender David Washburn of Socotra Capital. PRIVATE MONEY SOLUTIONS FOR REAL ESTATE LOANS David Washburn Dave@SocotraCapital.com (916) 628-3744 cell 3104 O St. #357, Sacramento CA 95816 http://SocotraCapital.com     Real Estate Acquisition, Construction, Refinance, Rehab, or Cash Out – Our loans focus on equity, not credit or income – In House funds let us be more flexible and creative – Flexible terms – Less … Continue reading

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Real Talk # 313 Turning Up Heat In December

Joining Barry Today, standing at 6’10” with a southern draw, HVAC profession, Mark Adams. Check out Marks website http://www.socoheatingair.com/ Download our podcast at the bottom of the page Radio Show Special: $49 Duct Evaluation Most ducting systems DO leak heated or cooled air, which is like throwing away dollar bills every time you run your HVAC system. We can perform a specialized test to identify the volume of air your ducting system is leaking and prescribe an affordable plan for properly sealing, re-rerouting, or repairing your ductwork for maximum output and energy savings. Please Call for details 916-533-3962 to Schedule Your Evaluation Now. (limited-time offer ends 12/31/2013) Also, download the podcast … Continue reading

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Real Talk # 307 The Best Time To Buy Real Estate

Download this latest podcast below and listen in as Barry discusses the best time to buy real estate. You can get the show notes here.

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Real Talk # 303 The Difference a Marketing Plan Makes When Selling Your Home

In this episode of Real Talk On Real Estate Barry discusses real estate marketing plans with Miss Wilson from Be Real Management. Click here to read the show notes and here’s the transcription Download the podcast below.

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Real Talk # 300 Asset Protection with Garrett Sutton – Rich Dad Poor Dad Attorney – Podcast

Asset Protection Barry Mathis and Garrett Sutton discuss asset protection in this very enlightening podcast. Even Barry learns a few things in this episode. Get the show notes here. Download the podcast at the bottom of this post. Garrett has authored several successful books for business owners, including Start Your Own Corporation, Run Your Own Corporation, Writing Winning Business Plans and Loopholes of Real Estate. These books are part of the bestselling Rich Dad, Poor Dad wealth-building book series. Pick up a Garrett Sutton Rich Dad Advisor Book in our learning center. When you get to our learning center, click the link in the menu on the right that says Garrett Sutton. … Continue reading

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Real Talk # 299 – Closing The Pay Gap, Women In Real Estate

In this episode “The Voice Of Realty”, Barry Mathis discusses how women can close the pay gap with “Mega Agents” Rachael Adams and Matt Aitchison. Listen in as Rachel and Matt cover what it takes and how they hit 35 million in sales per year. See their website at http://www.aitchison-adams.com/

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Real Talk # 298 – How The Wisest Landlords Protect Their Assets

Sacramento Eviction Attorney Tells All in this podcast! As an Eviction Attorney, Thomas Hogan has worked on over 30,000 local Sacramento Eviction Attorney cases. Listen in as The Voice of Real Estate (Barry Mathis) discusses with Thomas what it takes to protect your investment properties. Thomas has experience in Commercial, Residential and Foreclosure Evictions so if you want to own a rental or you already do eventually you’ll need to know this information. Barry also shoots out the top ten investment properties in Sacramento right now so you can snag them before someone else does. Enjoy the show! Don’t forget to subscribe on itunes. Have you ever had to evict anyone? … Continue reading

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Real Talk # 297 – Finding Your Next Investment Property

Listen as Barry Mathis discusses how to find your next investment property. What makes the difference between those who look and those who buy. Transcription: RTRE 155: How to find Investment Properties

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Real Talk # 296 Realizing Your Future With Real Estate

Join Barry Mathis today as he covers the rule of 72 and this month’s WealthBuilders Investor Network. Get the show notes here

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