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Real Talk # 411 What Buyers are Looking For

Listen in as Barry Mathis and Rodney Rose update us on the California Housing Market as of April 2017. What’s the current price per square foot? What are current inventory levels like? Economic student Shawn V. joins the show, contributing his millennial perspective on home hunting. What are people really looking for when looking for a house? Tune in to this week’s episode to find out. For the data mentioned in this podcast: Monthly_Housing_Market_Outlook_2017-04

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Real Talk # 410 How to Finance Your Transactions – Rodney Rose

Rodney has been in the real estate business for over 30 years.  He hit number one in production out of upwards near 1000 agents in the company he works with. Listen as he shares where the market is right now!  Take a look at some of the graphs on Rodney’s facebook Page to see where the market has been and where it looks like it is going. Rodney talks about good reason’s to refinance.  Check in and see what the advantages are to refinance today!  What would you do if you could save $1900 a month, or even $900? Rodney also looks at creative ways to shift from a higher tax base … Continue reading

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Real Talk # 409 Getting the Most Out of Your Home.

Barry Mathis and Rodney Rose talk about things you can do to get the best price for your home.  If you were to sell your car and you wanted to get top dollar for it, there are things you would do for your car that have a lot of similarities with what you would do for your home. Barry and Rodney will discuss simple steps that will help you get the most from your home or rental property.

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Real Talk # 408 Rent Control and What You Need to Know

Listen in with Rodney Rose and guest Bill Shower as we discuss the rent controls that are trying to push their way toward the Sacramento market. What is rent control? How might it effect you as an investor? These are important questions you need the answers to if you’re an investor in the Bay area or Sacramento.    News and Review tells the story in their article “Renters Strike Back.” Listen in and learn how you can help stop rent control.  Get even more details at: RHA  

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Real Talk # 405 Real Talk with Chris Airola – Veteran Investor

Listen in on Chris’ investment journey and learn some of the do’s and don’t’s of investing when building your real estate port folio.  Chris has been investing for over 30 years. There are a lot of people out there that teach how do to real estate yet they’ve only done 2 or 3 deals.  Listen to this show to hear it from a tried and true doer who has ridden out just about every economical storm you can think of.

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Real Talk # 406 How One Investor Shifted to Developer.

It’s important to understand what type of market you are in.  This knowledge will help you determine the numbers and make wise decisions. Listening to our show has huge perks.  On this show an investor/developer offers up 8 lots for sale in a beautiful new development.  You never know what opportunities might be presented on our show.  Listen in and learn how our guest went from investor to developer. Cool tools below that you can use to make your investing life a little easier.  This calculator will help you understand when is the best time to buy.  Try it! Link to Calculator Link to Lots   

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Real Talk # 404 The Real Estate Roller Coaster!

Sometimes Real Estate is like a Roller Coaster with its ups and downs , the excitement of getting your dream home and the pain of missing out.  We are going to introduce you to a young couple who recently took a ride with us that had both pain and joy. After hearing their story , we think you may be ready to take a ride as well , so we are offering a quick review of how the 5 returns you get from investing in Real Estate are like a Roller Coaster. IF you do not know how these 5 ROI’s are derived then maybe you are being taken for … Continue reading

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Real Talk # 402 – An Interview with Brent Gove – The Master, The Myth and The Legend!

Joining us in the studio today is the one and only Brent Gove! His past is no nowhere near as bright as his future, however it is pretty impressive.  As a active sales person he led Re/Max Gold in production for many years, with production exceeding $1,000,000 in Gross Commission Income. As a Team Leader for Keller Williams he shattered records in recruiting new agents helping to create one of the most profitable offices in the United States. He authored a book called Momentum and he has most recently launched the fastest growing publicly traded Real Estate Company in the nation (eXp Realty) and is once again leading the pack ! … Continue reading

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Real Talk # 317 Its Time to Sell!

This week, hear from Barry and Jennifer as they discuss how we are nearing the peak of a Sellers market in Sacramento County, hear the signs that are telling you that it is time to get your home on the market.  We are closer to the top than the bottom. And with interest rates so low, its a great time to buy too! Pitt Miller calls in to talk to us about 2916 Del Paso Blvd, an amazing house he was showing during the show. For property details, photos, a video walk through of the property, and to request a showing, visit  . If you’d like a copy of this week’s episode, … Continue reading

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Real Talk # 315 Today’s Luxury Home Market – Rarified air for select Clients and even fewer Agents

Barry Mathis and Jennifer Sandvos ” The Queen of Real Estate”  share a market update       and discuss the real numbers behind the Luxury Home Market. What are the driving forces behind the 35% increase in Jumbo Loans ? How many agents really have experience selling Luxury homes ? (Fewer than you think) What do the top agents do differently than the rest. ( Hint Marketing Matters ) ? Plus two more reasons that ” You might need a new Real Estate if …) Luxury Home Data talked about in this week’s show can be found here.

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