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Sacramento Rental Housing Inspection Law – Don’t Make a Rookie Mistake

Barry Mathis and Eviction Attorney Thomas Hogan discuss what even the most experienced real estate investor may not know. It could cost you a fortune, up to $1000 per day and it’s a misdemeanor! Watch and find out. Share this with your friends that are investors or landlords. Did you know this law existed? Have you received a fine for not registering and having your rental inspected? Are you bored and want to write a little something to keep us entertained? Put it in the comments below.

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Dangers of Tenants Growing Marijuana in Your Rental Property

Have you had marijuana growing in one of your rentals? Do you grow marijuana? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below.

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Real Talk # 298 – Landlords Protect Your Assets!

Listen Live online at http://goo.gl/90vpkG Or if your in the Sacramento and Placer Counties just tune into AM1380 The Answer. Today our guest will be Thomas Hogan Eviction Attorney , who will be discussing how to protect yourself from your properties or those in your properties. New Laws for Landlords and some a few horror stories just in time for Halloween. I wanted to say thanks to all our online listeners , this month we had over 500 downloads of our Podcast version of our weekly Live Radio Show ! It is an honor to be trusted with your most valuable resource , your time. Thanks again Find Thomas Hogan at: http://hoganevictions.com/ … Continue reading

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Real Talk # 285 A Father and Son make a profit together !

This show includes an interview from a Client who was able to tweak a tired rental into enough additional profit to pay for his Son’s college tuition for the year ! Plus as an added bonus he got to spend time with his Son working on a project together. They both walked away with some great memories. To find a home you can make a memory of your own in give me a call at 916.225.7777 or visit our property search site at www.ksterealestate.com  

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